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PowderPlot is a stand alone Java program for plotting powder patterns output by RIETAN-FP (*.itx/*.pat). The latest version of PowderPlot is also included in the distribution files of VESTA.

PowderPlot can display *.pat files and *.int files.
You can zoom patterns by dragging the plot area where you want to see. Double click to show whole pattern. On "move" mode, you can drag graph area.

Esc: cancel mouse drag
-: zoom out
+: zoom in
→(right): show low two theta area (move to right)
←(left): show high two theta area (move to left)
↑(up): show downward (move up)
↓(down): show upward (move down)
Shift + →(right): zoom in along two theta axis
Shift + ←(left): zoom out along two theta axis
Shift + ↑(up): zoom in along intensity axis
Shift + ↓(down): zoom out along intensity axis

  • PowderPlot.zip (ver. 0.3.5, uploaded on Mar 14 2012, 1.21MB)
    No intallation procedure is required. Once you download and extract the archive, execute PowderPlot.exe. You can drag & drop *.pat files on plot window, or register PowderPlot.exe as a default *.pat file viewer.

Mac OS X

  • PowderPlot-i686.tar.bz2 (ver. 0.3.5, uploaded on Mar 11 2012, 1.06MB)
  • PowderPlot-x86_64.tar.bz2 (ver. 0.3.5, uploaded on Mar 11 2012, 1.15MB)

    Gtk+ > 2.10 and Java > 1.4.1 are required.
    To execute the program, type the following command in the terminal window.
    java -jar PowderPlot.jar
    If Java libraries provided with PowderPlot could not loaded and the program fails to start, set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH before the java command.
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH="where PowderPlot.jar is placed" java -jar PowderPlot.jar
    You can also Drag and Drop a *.pat file in PowderPlot window.

Change Log
  • May 18th 2008
    Embeded a manifest file into the jar archive.
    Updated the swt library.
  • Nov. 24th 2004
    Ver. 0.3.3: Update swt library to 3.0.1.
    Added binary for Mac OSX.
  • Jun. 2th 2004
    Ver. 0.3.2: Show 2theta value and intencity of mouse position in status bar.
  • Apr. 6th 2004
    Ver. 0.3.1: General bug fix.
  • Apr. 5th 2004
    Ver. 0.3: Added tool tip for reflection indexes.
  • Apr. 1th 2004
    Enabled to show RIETAN-2000's simulation result and *.int file in "GENERAL" format.
  • Mar. 20th 2004
    Released RPM file for Linux.
  • Feb. 28th 2004
    First release of PowderPlot.