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CrystalMAP is a Java applet for visualization of crystal morphologies in a web browser. It is fully capable of visualizing twinned and epitaxial crystals. There is a similar applet, JCrystalApplet, which is developed by Dr. Steffen Weber and used widely such as in Mineralogy Database. However, JCrystalApplet can only visualize single crystals and that is why I created this applet.

You need to install Java Plug-in for this applet to work.

alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason." Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!
Keyboard shortcut key
You may have to click the applet area first,
to give it the keyboard focus.
Space start/stop animation.
"M" Change mode
"I" face indexes on/off
"A" axis on/off
"=" "+" zoom in
"-" zoom out
Enter replot
"X" rotate around x
"Y" rotate around y
"Z" rotate around z
"R" rotate around r
  • Implement functionality of showing cleavage, symmetry elements and optical axial plane.
  • More sophisticated GUI.
Change Log
  • Oct. 13th 2005 v1.0
    Enabled to draw epitaxial crystals.
    Added intersecting lines of crystals.
    Enabled to read data from files.
  • Jul. 8th 2005
    Renamed to CrystalMAP.
  • Feb. 27th 2004
    Open English page.
  • Feb. 18th 2004
    Implemented all point group symmetry operation.
    Added ability to calculate face angle.
  • Feb. 12th 2004
    Remove hidden edge.
  • Feb. 10th 2004
    Show status of clicked face in status bar.
  • Feb. 9th 2004
    Implemented GUI panel.
  • Feb. 4th 2004
    Minor fix and enhancement.
  • Jan. 1th 2004
    Bug fix. Added new wire frame mode and ability to show axes.
    Internal rewrite for future extension.
  • Apr. 15th 2003
    Bug fix. Added ability to draw twin.
  • Feb. 15th 2003
    Open applet page in Japanese
  • January 2003
    First release of CMApplet (old name of CrystalMAP).